Coming to us from Nashville by way of Rhode Island, Joe Fletcher is getting ready for the release of his latest record, 'You've Got the Wrong Man,' due out Oct. 7. Ahead of its release, Diffuser is excited to premiere the new track, 'The Promise, in the audio player below.

'The Promise' finds Fletcher with just his guitar in a lo-fi environment, which seems to suit his style quite well. Singing with his signature deep, raspy vocals, the singer-songwriter paints a stark picture with lyrics like, "When I'm all alone sometimes I sift through your secrets / I search for the answers I missed all this time."

Fletcher is a former English teacher who once taught a course on American roots music, so it's safe to say that he knows what he's doing. Listen for yourself:

"'The Promise' deals with the questions and emotions of a person who's lost an irreplaceable figure in their life," Fletcher tells us. "This is one of those songs where the meaning changes to me each time I sing it."

From the listener's perspective, it's safe to say the meaning changes with each new spin as well; with a simple musical arrangement, 'The Promise' is drenched in a subtle complexity that is well-represented throughout the entire album.

'You've Got the Wrong Man' was recorded solo to tape in locations across the country. Fletcher has several shows scheduled through the remainder of the year; get his full tour itinerary and details on his new album at his official website here.