Portland native John Amadon is a singer-songwriter who writes classic-sounding pop songs a la Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. As a devotee of masters like the Beatles, the Kinks and Neil Young, Amadon hides nothing about his musical influences. In fact, he's followed many of their expert blueprints to arrive at 'The Bursting Sheaf,' his latest full-length.

“The Elliott Smith comparison seems to be inevitable whenever you play an acoustic guitar and double your vocals,” Amadon says, commenting on another artist he's mentioned alongside. “People often pick up on the Beatles and Big Star influence, so I expect to get that.”

A trained ear will find much uniqueness in Amadon's feelgood drawl, however. He calls 'Meet Me When I Call,' today's free MP3, "a simple tune with a simple message -- do something now, get out of dodge, make a day out of it, don't let time just slip away."

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