What's a poor rock star to do when he has a new album ready to promote and his stupid vocal cords won't cooperate? Well, if you're John Mayer, the answer is to sit at home and record an instrumental cover of Lana Del Rey's hit 'Video Games.'

Mayer, who was forced to cancel his upcoming tour last month after being re-diagnosed with a granuloma on his vocal cord, is taking it easy in the weeks leading up to the May 22 release of his new album, 'Born and Raised.' But even if he has to rest his pipes, nothing's stopping him from playing guitar -- and as any of his fans could tell you, Mayer knows how to play.

Case in point: His mournful cover of 'Video Games,' the single that turned Lana Del Rey from just another demo-schlepping singer into a viral pop sensation and helped sell over a million copies of her latest album, 'Born to Die.' Although keeping it instrumental robs us of the opportunity to hear Mayer sing the words "He holds me in his big arms / Drunk and I am seeing stars," we have to admit that by placing the focus squarely on the guitar, he highlights the song's plaintive heart. Have a listen below and let us know what you think:

Listen to John Mayer's Cover of Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games'