After putting out two albums with Junip and contributing songs to other projects, like the movie, 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,' José González is finally back with a new solo album.

Entitled 'Vestiges & Claws,' the Swedish musician produced and recorded the LP himself in his home kitchen in Gothenburg, Sweden and also did some recording at Svenska Grammofonstudion. This will be his first solo record in seven years.

In a recent statement, González wrote, "It was no doubt a conscious decision to work without a producer. I didn’t want this to be too polished, or too 'in your face.' Most of all, it’s fun to be in complete control of the artistic aspect. Also, I was inspired by and picked up a lot of tricks from the producers I have worked with in the past. I like to use distortion and let things be a little overdriven, which gives things a warmer sound. Sometimes people complain that my music is too muddled, but I really do not want a modern crisp sound. I’d much rather aim somewhere between Shuggie Otis and Simon & Garfunkel."

For a taste of what to expect, he shared a trailer for the upcoming record:

González also revealed the album art for 'Vestiges & Claws' via Twitter, as well as the LP's track list:

'Vestiges & Claws' Track List
1. 'With the Ink of a Ghost'
2. 'Let It Carry You'
3. 'Stories We Build, Stories We Tell'
4. 'The Forest'
5. 'Leap Off / The Cave'
6. 'Every Age'
7. 'What Will'
8. 'Vissel'
9. 'Afterglow'
10. 'Open Book'