One of the biggest surprises of 2003 was the unexpected blockbuster 'The Soul Sessions,' which marked soul chanteuse Joss Stone's entry into the always-bubbling Britsoul arena, showcasing the then-teenaged Stone's bold-throated acuity for tackling the soul and R&B classics of the '60s and '70s. The album wasn't just karaoke night standards from the Smoke and Choke Karaoke Saloon, either. Aided by a cast of producers including soul icon Betty Wright and the Roots' Questlove, she dug hard into the stacks, digging out deep cuts from genre also-rans like Bettye Swann and Sugar Billy.

Nine years later, Stone is attempting to recreate the magic of her debut by sticking with the original formula with 'Soul Sessions, Vol. 2.'

Our first taste of the upcoming album, 'While You're Out Looking for Sugar,' is a faithful retake of the 1969 minor hit by the all-girl soul trio Honey Cone. The good news: The original track is incredible and I have Stone to thank for pointing me toward it. The bad news: She can't hold a candle to the original.

Something is off here. Stone's voice is in full effect, the song itself is great, but the track is lacking. Maybe it's the unoriginal, high-sheen production. Maybe it's the gratuitous vocal gymnastics. Maybe it's just because even on the first spin you know the song could be so much better.

No matter the reason, the thrill is gone from this song. But thanks to Stone & Co. for hipping us to the original, long-lost soul banger.

Listen to Joss Stone, 'While You're Out Looking For Sugar'