From the moment you press play on JPNSGRLS' debut LP, 'Circulation,' the opening guitar riff tosses you into a set of songs that makes you want to listen from start to finish. And that's exactly the Vancouver quartet's intention.

"As a band, we have never listened to just singles," guitarist Oliver Mann tells us. "During the long drives of a tour, it is almost a rule that we listen to an album from front to back. I think that is how music should be listened to, because there is no way that one song can really capture the entirety of what a band is. If someone wanted to know where to start with JPNSGRLS, they should start with the first song on our record and then continue to listen to the rest of the album."

So here's your chance to get to know the band. Check out 'Circulation,' an exclusive premiere.

From the frenetic sounds of 'Smalls' and 'Mushrooms' to headbangers like 'Brandon' and 'Brace Yourself,' JPNSGRLS provide listeners with a collection of songs that run a range of emotions and styles. In other words, there's something for just about everyone.

And considering that they didn't have much time to pore over every single detail, the looming deadline and its urgency became a running theme throughout the album. "When we recorded 'Circulation,' we were very pressed for time," Mann explains. "We were in the studio for seven days, but I think only five of those days were for recording. So when it came down to it, I pretty much only had an hour per song to record guitar.

"It was really exhilarating," he continues. "And often the rest of the band wouldn’t be there when I recorded guitar, so when they would return and get to listen to what I had done, the song would be completely different than when they had left it. There are a few songs that still amaze me how much they changed in a couple of minutes and an additional guitar line."

Singer Charlie Kerr wanted to present something both raw and honest, so he drew inspiration from some indie-rock legends known for those feelings. "I was listening to Pixies and Modest Mouse a lot," he says.

But no matter how much JPNSGRLS, whose name was inspired by a Japanese punk trio, look for inspiration in others, 'Circulation' shows a truer version of who they are as a a band. "I think 'Circulation' is more honest to who we are," Mann says. "All I need is a guitar, an amp and a couple of pedals. I want anyone to be able to pick up a guitar and be able to play our songs in a garage with their friends."