Last night (Sept. 23), Julian Casablancas paid a visit to 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' with his backing band the Voidz to perform the project's latest single, 'Where No Eagles Fly.'

The band played in front of a chess board projected as their backdrop, all dressed in vintage clothing -- and jean jackets of course.  Considering the new album is extremely eclectic in sound and composure, watching the song performed live makes singer-songwriter's new musical vision a bit more apparent. The song sounds much better in a live setting; judge for yourself in the video above.

If you're looking to catch more of his new songs performed live, the band heads out on their tour starting Oct. 16 in Philadelphia, with support from Mac DeMarco and Shabazz Palaces. You can get more details on the album and tour information here.

Casablancas' latest effort, 'Tyranny,' is available now via Cult Records -- the digital copy is a cool $3.87. Get details on the record here.