Jesus may be these people's copilot when they're driving, but nobody's in the producer's booth during their show. These people found out the hard way that the show ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, or until the guy in the booth says the cameras are off. Hey people, see that little red light on the cameras? That means they're still rolling.

It would seem that the hosts of the 'Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show' didn't take the time to find out how long their closing song should be. They finished up and were ready to pack the dummies up in their suitcases when they realized they were still on the air. No problem, though. The leader of the group gives a rousing little speech about Jesus and eggnog, then they break out into their song once again. That should be fine, right?

But our heroes didn't learn their lesson well enough, apparently. Cameras continued to broadcast the group, even as one of the people asks for a ride, stating that he left his bus pass at home. This comment comes right on the heels of one of the puppeteers exclaiming, "We saved the show!"

By what standards could this show actually be considered saved? We think it'd take more than just not stopping the show before the credits roll. Some other things that might save the show include a tuner for the guitars, microphones that didn't come off of Goodwill's clearance rack and maybe a great big neon sign that reads, "You're Still On The Air!" just behind the camera.

One thing they got right, though, was that song. We just can't get it out of our heads. "I love Christmas! I love Christmas!" We think we've found the newest classic Christmas song. Get some candles and your scarves and let's go caroling!