Brooklyn-based indie-folk quartet Jus Post Bellum used the Civil War as the jumping-off point for their forthcoming sophomore effort, ‘Oh July.’ However, the foursome — Geoffrey Wilson (vocals, multi-instrumentalist), Hannah Jensen (vocals, percussion), Daniel Bieber (upright bass and cello) and Zach Dunham (drums) — don’t consider it to be a concept album as such, but rather a series of character studies.

The resulting 11 songs include ‘Abe and Johnny,’ all about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at the hands of John Wilkes Booth. is pleased to premiere the song in an exclusive stream below.

As the familiarity of the names in the title indicate, this is an intimate look at this well-known event in American history. It’s a quiet, haunting and captivating affair, as Jus Post Bellum’s work tends to be. Their tranquil and minimalistic brand of Americana, featuring Wilson and Jensen’s lush vocal harmonies, makes for a parable of a song aligned with the group’s universal message about death.

While Jus Post Bellum may earn comparisons to fellow folk revivalists Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes, their delicate arrangements and darker content set them apart and demand close listening. ‘Oh July’ lands Nov. 12.