Two months after the release of his most recent album, Absent Fathers -- which in turn was a companion piece to 2014’s Single Mothers -- Justin Townes Earle has unveiled a music video for album single, “Call Ya Momma.” Watch it above.

While the lyrics of Earle’s song describe a bitter takedown of a former partner, the new Andrew Van Baal-directed clip offers a different interpretation of “Call Ya Momma.” Depicting an Old Western-style narrative featuring a man about to be hanged, the character begins to think back on times spent with his mother as a child and envisions her appearing at his side and helping him escape imminent death.

“For me music videos are opportunities to make little movies,” Van Ball told Rolling Stone Country, “and Justin’s song was a a perfect soundtrack for a Western twist on Ambrose Bierce’s classic short story, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.”

The familial nostalgia is very much in line with the themes heard on both Absent Fathers and Single Mothers, which explore Earle’s own history with his father, country singer-songwriter Steve Earle.

Earle is currently on tour in Australia; you can find a list of dates on the indie-folk singer’s website.