Kai Altair has no problem keeping herself busy. If she's not performing with New York City's Solstice Dance Company, she's starring in the fire theater show, 'The Calling'; She has quickly become a staple of the underground arts community in Brooklyn.

Elevating that experience in the art world to a different level, she's also an electronic rock musician and is preparing to release her latest full-length album in early 2015. Ahead of that, Diffuser is excited to team up with Altair to premiere her brand-new track, 'Shadow Dance' -- and offer a free download -- in the player below.

As she tells us, "'Shadow Dance' was written in a room with all the lights turned out. Dancing with eyes closed. I felt connected to things unseen."

It makes sense that the song was written with the lights turned off -- there's something deeply dark and mysterious about 'Shadow Dance,' from Altair's powerful vocals to the brooding atmosphere created by the music. The song will likely demand multiple spins to truly grasp its meaning, which is why she wants you to download the track.

Altair's upcoming album will be her debut full-length as a solo artist; if you want a taste of what she's done in the past, check out her first solo EP, 'Star of the Sea,' via iTunes.

We get the feeling this isn't the last we've heard from Altair -- keep your eyes peeled for more songs and news as we get ready for her new record. In the meantime, stay up-to-date with all of her happenings at her official website here.