Based out of Los Angeles, Kan Wakan specialize in an enthralling songwriting style that incorporates musical tinges of everything from John Barry-esque orchestral pop and soul-jazz to post-rock and psych-rock. Kan Wakan is the musical brainchild of composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Gueorgui I. Linev. The Bulgarian-born musician joined forces with vocalist Kristianne Bautista and producer/guitarist Peter Potyondy in early 2012 to collaborate on Kan Wakan.

‘Moving On,’ Kan Wakan’s debut album, will arrive in stores in early 2014. Check out a video clip of the band performing a track called ‘Forever Found’ here to whet your appetite for their forthcoming album. In anticipation of ‘Moving On,’ asked the band to send us a video playlist of 10 current LA artists they’re currently in love with.

  • Avi Buffalo

    'Think it's Gonna Happen Again'

    Look out for Avi's upcoming sophomore record on Sub Pop. If Nels Cline, John Fahey, Mike Myers and Eno got together in the early '90s for an extended acid jam over at Jim O'Rourke's house.. it might sound nothing like this..but close.

  • Big Black Delta

    'Money Rain Down'

    Dance moves for days, a unique passion for cat's, aliens and Pantera are all part of what makes Jon Bates a real bundle of joy for everyone.

  • Blake Mills

    'Curable Disease'

    A genuine guitar hero in the making. He writes great songs too.. his new record is about to inspire you. Catch him live now on tour with Fiona Apple.

  • Brandon Coleman

    'Never the Same'

    This man has serious keyboard chops and is pushing modern jazz forward in a progressive direction. Check out his EP, 'Self Taught.'

  • Kiev

    'Falling Bough'

    Ol' friends of mine from Orange, Calif. Layers upon layers of textured goodness that will leave you with more to discover with each listen. A real pleasure to watch them perform live. Look out for their debut full length record which is out on Oct. 22nd.

  • Moses Sumney

    'Dwell in the Dark'

    A very talented friend from LA. Incredible singer. You will hear of him sooner or later, so you might as well start now with this beauty of a tune.

  • AA Bondy

    'Skull & Bones'

    Somewhat of a modern LA folk hero. He's not out there much and I hear he's really into surfing these days, but look out for his next record. More people should enjoy his music.

  • Thundercat

    'Lotus and the Jundy'

    Sooo groovy! Who plays bass like that? Pure genius.

  • Rhye


    Über talented Mike Miloush and Robin Hannibal serve up some baby makin' music.

  • Nick Thune

    Live on Conan O'Brien

    Sometimes you just gotta lighten up and enjoy some great local comedy. Nuff' said.