If you're not a sports fan, the Kansas City Royals are taking on the San Francisco Giants tonight (Oct. 21) in the first game of the World Series -- and in support of their hometown team, Bay Area stations are saying "No" to Lorde.

It's easy to understand why a station would want to ban Lorde's 'Royals,' right? The internationally-acclaimed singer-songwriter was inspired to write the song after seeing a picture of Kansas City Royals baseball god, George Brett -- oh, and if you're not keeping up, it's freaking called 'Royals.'

"The first thing I thought was, 'We can do better than that,'" Tony Lorino tells us (Lorino runs Kansas City's 99.7 the Point). "I thought for about 10 seconds and decided we should play ['Royals'] every hour."

He goes on, "We thought about [banning a San Francisco-themed song]. A few people mentioned They Might Be Giants, but they haven't made pop music in 15-20 years, so there's not much to ban. Then, a few people said 'Lights' by Journey ... but that's another song that has never been on our station."

So instead of turning negative, Lorino and his team decided to stay positive about the competition. "Let's not ban anything," he explains. "We're not the 'ban songs' sort of people. We're just going to pump up the ones we love."

And for anyone who thinks Kansas City is grasping at straws making 'Royals' their own, Lorino has some choice words for you: "If some people can't see how [the song] is connected to the Kansas City Royals, they may want to do a little Googling and brush up on their baseball history."