More bad news on the fight against world hunger -- someone apparently spent $500, which could feed a foreign family for a year in many countries or an American family for one week, on a 30-second snippet of what is supposedly a new Kanye West song.

The snippet, titled 'Black Bruce Wayne,' is mostly music, but the last 12 seconds feature a bit of a verse from Yeezus. It cuts off in the middle of one of his rhymes. A member of the message board at KanyeToThe apparently received the snippet from "someone in the industry" and sold it to another member for $500.

The clip has been posted to SoundCloud by someone under the name 'Eddie Ocean.' Since then, they've also posted an extended version of the clip with some added music at the end, as well as another track titled 'Kanye West - ??? (potential beat from DA INTERNZ).'

It sounds exactly like the music tacked onto the extended track. The music doesn't really sound like what we'd expect from Kanye, but then again, we don't really know what to expect from him anymore.