If you've ever wanted to spend an evening in close quarters with Karen O, you're in luck -- as long as you live in the right major metropolitan area.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman has announced via her Facebook page that she'll support her upcoming solo debut, 'Crush Songs,' with a string of "intimate" shows in New York City, Los Angeles, London and Berlin. The singer released a statement detailing her plans.

I'm very pleased to announce that I’ll be performing 'Crush Songs' to some very intimate audiences," she said. "If you’re in the mood for love please come join my crush odyssey at these limited engagements. I apologize in advance that these shows are so few but I guess that makes them all the more special if you can make it SO don’t miss out!

In addition, Karen O revealed there will be a series of listening sessions for the album in 21 cities around the world on Aug. 27. According to a press release, “the events will take place at secret locations in homes and apartments where hosts will play the deluxe edition of 'Crush Songs' —featuring O’s own words and artwork — for private audiences in each city.”

'Crush Songs' is set for release on Sept. 9, but you can watch the atmospheric video for the single, 'Rapt,' right here: