The final installment of Katie Buchanan's live acoustic video series features a medley of sorts as she performs 'Casting Waves' and 'Falling Away' in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook. As she and her friend traveled around the New York borough to find the perfect spots to play, Buchanan says that each performance was a one-take in "new, random spaces." Check out Buchanan's final video above.

It makes sense that the singer-songwriter ends her video premieres with 'Casting Waves' and 'Falling Away'; as soulful as she seems to be in every performance, her level of passion in this video is unmatched.

On her latest EP, 'Go,' 'Falling Away' actually precedes 'Casting Waves,' but when she performs live, she always flips the order. "It's a variation I've long been wanting to capture," she explains to us. "There's something extra-cathartic about the choruses in 'Falling Away' when they follow the rationalization of 'Casting Waves.' In many ways, they are each other's call and response: from bitter questioning to the strength of a clear mind."

As with this entire acoustic series, part of the charm of Buchanan's performances is that she's playing in seemingly uncomfortable environments; there is no soundproofing, no recording booth, no engineer to tweak things. This is most evident with the sounds of a car alarm during 'Casting Waves,' and other than a smile of acknowledgment, it didn't seem to phase Buchanan: "The lady whose car alarm goes off at the beginning, she came back to listen to the rest of the song."

Buchanan’s five-song EP, ‘Go,’ is available now. To get details on everything happening with the Brooklyn-based artist, visit her official website here.