Brooklyn singer-songwriter Katie Mullins’ sophomore album, ‘Wedding,’ follows 2009’s ‘Pastoral,’ and it digs a little deeper than the romanticized vision of her debut.

Both records demonstrate Mullins’ innate creativity, classically trained vocals and dynamic musicianship, but ‘Wedding’ delivers an even more seamless fusion of her folk and classical influences.

Hear a sampling of ‘Wedding’ by downloading today’s free MP3, ‘Boats and Buoys.’ The singer creates haunting layers of vocals sure to linger with listeners. But just as you stop and reflect, Mullins changes course with a few light childlike notes on her keyboard. The track ends with startling abruptness, approximating the feeling of sinking and floating, which was the inspiration behind the song.

“‘Boats and Buoys’ is a song about a relationship falling apart,” Mullins tells “It’s about that feeling of treading water as things are actually sinking, and so the images of boats and buoys came to mind as I wrote it.”

Mullins partnered with BreakThru Radio to make a video of her performing ‘Boats and Buoys’ in an inflatable baby pool on a Brooklyn rooftop.

“When I performed the song for BreakThru Radio on a rooftop, Bryan (of BTR) suggested we film it with his inflatable pool,” she adds. “Even though it was fun to use a pool on a summer day in Brooklyn, I wanted to be true to the original meaning of the song, so I decided to get some photos from thrift stores and have them floating and sinking in the pool to reflect the floating and sinking feeling that the song has for me.”

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