In just a few days, Kid Runner will celebrate the release of their latest EP, ‘Wake Up Now.’ Hitting the streets on Nov. 4, ‘Wake Up Now’ features the production skills of Michael Seifert and the insanely catch track, ‘Move.’

You’ve likely heard ‘Move' before as it’s been featured on ESPN and the X-Games -- and Diffuser is excited to premiere the song’s music video today (Oct. 29). Check it out above.

Kid Runner are known for their synth-soaked hooks and powerful lyrics, and those are on full display in ‘Move.’ “The song is a soaring indie-pop anthem that picks you up and launches you into the heart of synth heaven,’ Kid Runner tell us. “It’s a song about being stuck in a routine that you’re tired of and making something happen, whatever that something may be.”

The energy in 'Move' is instantly contagious, which is exactly what the band intended. “It’s urging you to move, to run, to jump, to leap out of the monotony that we so often find ourselves in,” they explain. “The video follows Kid Runner and a dancer on a journey through the literal confines of our lives to the joy we experience when we let go and just live. Try to feel the sound -- it’s telling you to move.”

Kid Runner have a handful of shows schedule through the end of the year. Get their full tour itinerary here -- and in the meantime, make sure to mark your calendars for next Tuesday’s release of ‘Wake Up Now'!