Kingsley Flood have had a relentlessly enormous couple of years, from signing with Red Light Management to opening for Josh Ritter and Lucius to rocking the main stage at the Newport Folk Festival. And now, as this year wraps up, they’re already looking to have an even more exciting 2015 with the brand-new EP, ‘To the Fire,’ out Jan. 13.

Today (Dec. 12), we are thrilled to give you a taste of what’s to come with the new track, ‘All In All.’ Check it out in the audio player below.

“I take a lot of walks, and that’s when I get most of my writing done,” frontman and chief songwriter Naseem Khuri tells us. “I wrote ‘All In All’ walking around my adopted city of Washington D.C.; I had walked by a press conference of some congressmen talking about how we need to work for the little guy, then walked by another part of town where it didn’t seem like much work was getting done.”

Khuri goes on, “I was mad at the hypocrisy, and that despite all the talk, in reality, people tend to forget about the folks they leave behind on the way up.”

Produced by Paul Kolderie (who has worked with the likes of Radiohead and the Pixies), ‘To the Fire’ finds Kingsley Flood focused and sounding better than ever. In addition to Jan. 13’s EP, the band will release another EP and a full-length in 2015.

To get more info on 'To the Fire' -- as well as the band's current tour itinerary for the new year -- head over to Kingsley Flood's official website here.