Earlier this year, indie electronica outfit Kye Kye released their sophomore studio album, 'Fantasize.' Now, just a few months later, the quartet is taking it upon themselves to reimagine their original tracks for the upcoming 'Fantasize Remixes' record. Today (Sept. 11), Diffuser is excited to give fans a sneak peek at what to expect with the official music video for 'Honest Affection (Remix A).' Check it out in the video above.

Self-produced and self-directed, 'Honest Affection (Remix A)' is a beautiful, almost tranquil, visual journey with frontwoman Olga Yagolnikov. If it's any indication, 'Fantasize Remixes' is going to be an absolutely captivating listening experience. Check out the album cover for the new LP below:

"We can’t help but experiment a bit outside our own box ... that's probably the best way to describe the 'Fantasize Remixes' album," the band tells us. "Not to mention that it's just really fun to strip any song down to its bones and then paint something different around it."

With the remix of 'Honest Affection,' the song has definitely been stripped of complexities, but it somehow maintains -- if not exceeds -- the original track's high-energy. A lot of that energy stems from Yagolnikov's gorgeous voice. "The vocals of each song are what usually point us in the direction to take each one," they explain.

In addition to the vocals, Kye Kye found inspiration in their fans. After doing a remix contest for the new album, one fan's vision of the title-track stood out to the band: "We really love the 'AVAY and Cheney Weird' remix for 'Fantasize.' Not only is it great, but it adds a dynamic to the whole project that we think makes it complete."

Listen to the 'AVAY and Cheney Weird' remix below:

"We're so excited about this album and hope you enjoy it," Kye Kye exclaim. For details on all of Kye Kye's releases and the latest happenings with the band, visit their official website here.

And stay tuned for 'Fantasize Remixes'; it will be available for pre-order via iTunes very soon, and all pre-orders will include an instant download of 'Honest Affection (Remix A).'