Lana Del Rey's '60s mod-inspired look -- auburn hair teased into a bouffant at the crown paired with short, flowery dresses -- has long turned heads. Now, the 'National Anthem' singer gets to play the role of model. LDR has been confirmed as the face of discount retailer H&M's Fall 2012 line. She will appear in the print advertising. A second campaign is slated for Winter 2013.

One of the first print images of what almost looks like a pants-free (she's actually wearing pink jeans) and pouty-lipped Del Rey for H&M is to the left. She is a dead ringer for '60s fashion icon Priscilla Presley in her pale pink, soft and fuzzy sweater.

H&M creative director Donald Schneider told fashion trade WWD that the mood of the collection that Del Rey is repping is very "L.A. noir." The same can be said of LDR's music.

As part of her new gig, Del Rey recorded a cover of 'Blue Velvet' for a mini film that will be available on H&M's website on Sept. 19. That's two months away, so mark your calendars if you're dying to hear what she does with that standard. An edited version of the song will be used in TV commercials as well.

So H&M is not just a place to stock up on wardrobe basics and essentials and affordable versions of runway looks. It will allow you to enjoy Lana Del Rey's music, too.

The fashion world has long been enamored by Del Rey. Design house Mulberry named a pricey handbag after her, and she signed a modeling contract with Next last January. She also scored a British Vogue cover back in March, which is a big deal in the clothes world.