In what's either an intriguing new twist in the ever-evolving public persona of the artist currently known as Lana Del Rey or an amusingly elaborate hoax, a batch of early unreleased recordings reportedly belonging to the 'Video Games' singer has surfaced online.

Recorded under the hitherto unknown pseudonym May Jailer, the songs -- which include such tracks as 'A Star for Nick,' 'For K (Part 1)' and 'Pride' -- are apparently part of an album, titled 'Sirens,' that predates not only Del Rey's 'Born to Die' LP, but also 'Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant,' the out-of-print record she tracked with producer David Kahne in 2010.

The songs, uploaded by a YouTube user operating under the name Danndy Garbage, have yet to be officially claimed by anyone from the Del Rey camp, but as Stereogum notes, if they're forgeries they're pretty convincing ones. Have a listen to a couple of the tracks embedded below, and let us know what you think -- is this really a blast from Lana Del Rey's past?

Listen to 'Birds of a Feather'

Listen to 'For K (Part 1)'

Listen to 'A Star for Nick'

Listen to 'Pride'