Lana Del Rey has decided to be mysterious and sultry in the music video for her latest single 'Blue Jeans', taken from her second studio album 'Born To Die.' The 25-year old stars in a retro black-and-white clip that has her juggling a tatted-up love interest and alligators in a huge backyard pool.

The hazy video shows Del Rey wearing a classic white one-piece swimsuit staring longingly at Bradley Soileau, who was also featured on the singer's previous video for 'Born to Die.' Soileau does what any man would do in a setting straight out of the 50's: smoke a cigarette, take off his shirt and jeans and dive into the pool. Add in some body caressing between the couple and Soileau creepily shoving his fingers in Del Rey's mouth, and you have something that would have probably been banned in the decade the video is paying homage to.

A pair of alligators share the pool with Del Rey and Soileau, the former straddling a gator in a strange and seductive way. The New York native and her beau get into a make out session and the two eventually descend into the water in a eerily way. Watch the video in its entirety below.

This is the second music video for 'Blue Jeans'. The first was self-released by Del Rey last year and has amassed over 10 million views. The clip featured old footage from the internet mixed in with Del Rey singing in front of a webcam.

Watch Lana Del Rey's 'Blue Jeans' Music Video