South Korea-based psych-rockers Language of Shapes are gearing up for the release of their latest EP, ThunderKryst, next week, April 21. Packed with a sound that is truly beyond words, Language of Shapes have crafted a striking listening experience with ThunderKryst, and today (April 17), Diffuser is thrilled to give you a small taste of what to expect -- stream the new track, “Push Hard and Swallow,” in the audio player below.

Comprised of expat teachers -- “a Brit, a Korean-American, a Jersey boy and two Californians" -- the members of Language of Shapes all somehow found each other in a Korean countryside province thanks to their common love for music, magic, mayhem and mandolins.

That love has led to some of the boldest and most innovative music we've heard in a long time -- and it's perfectly captured in "Push Hard and Swallow."

“The two parts to this song came about in entirely different ways,” frontman Tristram Burden says, “and it was only after some time it became obvious they belonged together. The initial ‘fall asleep while you’re winning’ part was an old thing I’d written and forgotten about. The pulsing swirl that umbrellas the track -- most prominent at the ending -- resulted from experiments with an EHX Pulsar and SuperEgo triggered by the mandola and fed into a Moogerfooger 12 stage Phaser.”

In fact, those sounds were so unique that when Burden tried recreating them to re-record, he couldn’t. “I had to use the original,” he tells us. “The tempos to the two pieces don’t exactly match up, which was great fun for everyone to record with.”

As for the lyrics, he admits that they are a “stream of consciousness head-vomit,” though he does say they tie together to “tell a narrative about the absurdity of how human consciousness deals with truth, how we often suppress it in favor of comfortable lies, or alter it to better fit our world view.”

As a bonus today -- and as a nod to their fans and our readers -- we're excited to partner with Language of Shapes to not only give you "Push Hard and Swallow," but also the entire EP:

ThunderKryst hits the streets on April 21; fans will be able to pick up a copy with a "Name Your Price" option at the band's official Bandcamp.