LCD Soundsystem's 2005 debut album featured a song titled 'Daft Punk is Playing My House,' and now T.G.I. Friday's seems to have used that same tune as the basis for the soundtrack in a commercial for the ubiquitous American food chain. As Pitchfork reports, the new Friday's ad for its "2 for $10" appetizer and entree special "features a song that sounds suspiciously similar to the music from" the LCD song.

Does the ad's dance beat, cowbell percussion and punky bass line sound a little too familiar? We'll leave it up to you to decide if it's mere coincidence or outright theft -- check out both the ad and the song's video below.

It's worth noting that this revelation comes just one week after Beach House addressed the controversy over a Volkswagen advertisement that featured a song that sounded very much like their own tune, 'Take Care.' It turned out that that commercial surfaced only after the band turned down repeated attempts by an ad agency to license the track for VW.

Watch the T.G.I. Friday's "2 for $10" Commercial

Watch the LCD Soundsystem 'Daft Punk is Playing My House' Video