We’ll admit it, we don’t quite understand the L'Eau 2 Kenzo pour Femme Kenzo Perfume Commercial, which features a musical selection titled 'John 2/14’ by Shivaree.

This much we do know: The clip starts off picturing a painfully beautiful couple portrayed by foreign models Marloes Horst and Jacques Grobler. Suddenly, something startles them, the woman makes a strange face and they take off running down a back street, ducking under some sheets drying in the afternoon sun. They soon seem at ease again, joking playfully, and then the woman tosses water from a bucket at the camera.

They take off again, jogging past a man sitting in a chair on the street, and up to an old fountain. As they approach the fountain, some sort of wind gust seems to blow the woman out of the frame (this is especially confounding). As the commercial ends, the two are standing in the fountain and getting dripped on. Then comes a brief voiceover and the tagline "L'Eau 2 Kenzo: Nouveaux Parfums."

So, what’s the story behind the song? Shivaree were an American alt-rock band that formed in ’97 and lasted for a decade. They perhaps are best known for landing a pair of tunes on ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and having their biggest hit, ‘Goodnight Moon,’ play when the credits roll at the end of ‘Kill Bill 2.’ ‘John 2/14’ was featured on the Shivaree’s 2002 album, ‘Rough Dreams.’

Hear Shivaree's 'John 2/14' in the L'Eau 2 Kenzo pour Femme Perfume Commercial