At 82 years old, Mississippi blues rocker Leo “Bud” Welch is putting out his second album, ‘I Don’t Prefer No Blues.’ As the title indicates, the new LP will see Welch exploring gritty-sounding blues – a transition from his debut album, 2014's ‘Sabougla Voices.’ ‘Sabougla Voices’ was gospel-focused, a sound the singer-guitarist says he grew up with.

“Up until ‘Sabougla Voices’ came out, I had only played spirituals in the church and in tents for about 50 years,” Welch explains.

“I’m doing things I never thought I’d do,” he continued. “I never thought I’d get to play outside of Mississippi or travel to other countries. Now I’m playing for all kinds of people and seeing the world.”

Big Legal Mess Records

Welch’s sophomore album will arrive next month via Big Legal Mess Records, and the label’s owner and producer Bruce Watson said the evolution in Welch’s sound was intentional.

“The deal I made with Leo was the first record would be gospel and the second would be blues,” Watson said. “Honestly, I was just trying to do something different than your typical blues record -- trying to f--k things up a bit. I think I succeeded.”

The 10-track ‘I Don’t Prefer No Blues’ will land on March 24.