Do Lexus owners get the blues? They do if the luxury car maker's latest commercial is anything to go by -- albeit blues of the hard-driving, heavily distorted variety.

The new clip for the Lexus CT couples your standard images of high living -- linen suits, fancy shades, horses and strobe lights, interspersed with an inexplicable array of shots of women shouting -- against the woozy, bluesy strains of the Black Keys' cover of 'Have Love, Will Travel.'

Written by garage rock pioneer Richard Berry (also known as the man who wrote 'Louie, Louie') and originally recorded in 1965 by the Sonics, 'Have Love' has resurfaced repeatedly over the years, from early cover versions by acts like Paul Revere and the Raiders to later revivals courtesy of artists such as Bruce Springsteen and, uh, Jim Belushi.

The Black Keys covered the song on 'Thickfreakness,' their 2003 debut release for the Fat Possum label, which also includes a cover of blues legend Junior Kimbrough's 'Everywhere I Go.' Long before they graced the cover of Rolling Stone and brushed the upper reaches of the Billboard charts, the Keys cut this track in drummer Patrick Carney's basement without a Lexus in sight. Kind of ironic, but the song fits -- and the royalties might pay for a few new cars, too.

Hear the Black Keys' 'Have Love, Will Travel' in the Lexus CT 2012 Commercial