Lily Allen is known for speaking her mind. And with her recently released single, 'Hard Out There,' proves that she isn't afraid to call out just about every booty video out there but also is down for calling some big name ladies b-tches.

In a recent interview with The Observer, she explained why she decided to pen the lyrics "it's hard out here b-tch."

"Dolly Parton is a b-tch. Adele's a b-tch. Angela Merkel is a b-tch… Rihanna's an inspiring b-tch, my mum, Miley's a b-tch, rising. She's my hero." She added: "Kate Middleton is NOT a b-tch."

While the article doesn't explain why the new royal isn't one, Allen also delves into why she doesn't feel the need to censor herself in the music industry.

"When I first started, in terms of girls it was just me and Amy [Winehouse], she said in the interview. "Now, 'reentering the marketplace', it's all girls." She goes on to say that it upsets her that many contemporary female pop artists don't write their own songs. "Nobody says anything real today. Most of those girls have their songs written by other people. It annoys me, because 'eh oh eh oh ahh' is not a chorus – that's not a point where I feel 'we're connecting', you know? I need a narrative."

Allen also reveals that the new album isn't just going to be directed at certain people and that it will touch on my "general" subjects. However, that doesn't mean she hasn't written about her hubby Sam Cooper. "There are a couple of songs to Sam [Cooper, husband], including one sexy one, about coming to terms with becoming sexual again after just being a baby-making vessel," she admitted. "But mainly they're funnier and happier – less lethargic, less teenage."