Congrats to Lily Allen -- well, Lily Rose Cooper, since she changed her name last year, even though everyone seems to still refer to her by her former moniker -- as she has welcomed her second daughter. Allen reportedly gave birth to the little girl, who she named Marnie Rose, on the evening of Jan. 8.

Little Marnie has a musical birthday, as David Bowie and Elvis Presley were also born on that date. With an incredibly talented mom and that sort of birthday karma, she might grow up to be a big deal in the music scene. You never know, right? The NME reports that Allen is quite pleased that her daughter shares a birthday with a pair of musical icons.

Marnie's big sister, Ethel, was born in 2011. Dad to both girls is the singer's husband, Sam Cooper.

Prior to Ethel's birth, Allen suffered two miscarriages. The 'Smile' singer hasn't officially confirmed Marnie's birth, but she did tweet a note of appreciation to all of her well-wishers.

The news, though exciting, brings up a vexing question for fans: With two beautiful babies at home, will Lily Rose Cooper ever return to making music?