Saying that's she's "throwing s--- at the wall and seeing if anything sticks," Lily Allen revealed yesterday on Twitter that she has been writing new songs with pop hitmaker Greg Kurstin, the producer with whom she collaborated on her breakthrough debut.

The diminutive Brit responded to a blogger's teasing about her lack of new material by tweeting, "@Popjustice you will be pleased to know that i am currently in the f---ing studio with @GregKurstin so SHUT UP PETER!" She added, "no big deal really, im just throwing s--- at the wall and seeing if anything sticks." It looks like those reports about Allen working on new album were spot-on.

We wonder how Kurstin feels about Allen's less-than-enthusiastic characterization of their sessions, but the two have a long history, having worked together on Allen's 2006 debut 'Alright, Still,' which produced her biggest U.S. hit, 'Smile.' Allen has not released a new record since 2009's 'It's Not Me, It's You.' She has since gotten married and become a mom.

Kurstin has performed with acclaimed acts Geggy Tah and the Bird and the Bee but has found his biggest success as a Grammy-nominated producer for acts ranging from mainstream pop performers Kelly Clarkson and Kesha to more alternative-leaning acts Peaches and the Flaming Lips.