There's hardly anyone on this planet who hasn't found themselves singing an Adele song. The British songstress has appealed to many types of music fans, young and old. Five-year-old Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, who plays Lily in the hit ABC sitcom 'Modern Family,' is no exception. She belted out Adele's tear-jerker 'Someone Like You,' which you can watch below.

As the Washington Post can attest to, It seems little Aubrey can make anything look cute, including dropping the F-bomb, and makes even the most jaded hopeless romantic smile with her rendition of 'Someone Like You.' Aubrey's mother, comedian Amy Anderson, taped her daughter singing the hit song in the backseat of her car. The so-adorable-it-hurts factor goes up even further seeing Aubrey strapped to a car seat. Her performance is pretty impressive for someone so young.

Apparently, Aubrey wasn't too keen on learning the song. She thought the track wasn't upbeat enough. However, as with most fans who made '21' one of the best-selling albums in recent years, Adele was able to win her over.

"Aubrey is crazy into Adele right now which I love," Anderson wrote in the YouTube description. "It's so cute hearing her belt her songs in the car. This is where she likes to sing the most. At first she didn't know if she wanted to learn this song because she thought it was too slow, but now it's one of her favorites."

Don't worry Aubrey -- we've all been there.

Watch Aubrey Anderson-Emmons Sing Adele's 'Someone Like You'