North Carolina folk-rock outfit Delta Rae have shared a song they wrote and recorded in response to the racist killing of nine churchgoers earlier this week in Charleston, SC.

"All Good People" is a sparely-arranged gospel ballad that features Brittany Holljes singing a capella before she's joined by a chorus and a single drum. The lyrics call on complacent Americans to "come on and raise your voice / Above the raging sea / We can't hold our breath forever / When our brothers cannot breathe."

In a statement, the band called for political action. "It's time to push our leaders to act. We need to protect every member of our community from hate and racism. And we need to stop so much of this violence by limiting access to guns. This is not the country we want to be. These actions do not represent our values."

The lyrics also refer to high-profile instances of police brutality that have drawn attention to issues of racism and inequality in the U.S. during the past year. "I watched from my window/ As they gunned down unarmed men / Tried to say it's not my problem / Couldn't happen to my friends," Holljes sings.

Delta Rae's second album, After It All, was released April 7.

Delta Rae -- "All Good People"