As Looms gear up to release their new LP, Waking Days, tomorrow (April 14), Diffuser is ecstatic to give you a sneak peek at the disc -- you can stream the complete album in the audio player below.

Forming in 2012, Waking Days marks the Brooklyn-based rockers' debut full-length effort. The record is stacked with undeniably authentic tracks, making for an extraordinary listening experience from front to back.

"Waking Days is an honest and sensitive record that walks you up and down the hills of my journey toward life today," frontman Sharif Mekawy tells us. "We started the recording process four years ago, and now Looms has an entirely different live lineup."

He goes on, "Waking Days is a moment in time that embraces the calm within the storm that surrounds most creative projects."

After playing their record release show at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn over the weekend, Looms are set to play Northern Soul in Hoboken on April 16 -- you can find their full tour itinerary here. And make sure you stay up-to-date with everything happening in Looms' world at their official website.