Washington D.C.’s premier indie rhythm and blues rockers, Lowercase Letters, are getting ready to release their debut self-titled album in November. To give fans a taste of what to expect, Diffuser has partnered with the outfit to unveil the soulful track, ‘Open Blinds,’ in the audio player below.

The song is full of sexually charged lyrics handled by front woman Alphie and playful rhythms created by bassist Clinton Cool and programmer John Beckham.

“‘Open Blinds’ is maybe the most danceable of the tracks on the album,” the band tells us. “It’s a really breezy, fun record made for feeling good.”

And if you enjoy the song, the band let us in on a little secret: “Be on the lookout for an Alfred Hitchcock inspired music video for it.”

Lowercase Letters have a handful of shows scheduled through mid-October. Get details on all of their happenings right here.