The Phantoms have just released their very first single, and already their music is featured in a major tTV commercial for home improvement retailer Lowe's. The rock group's song 'Make it Beautiful' appears in a Lowe's ad titled 'Can't Stand It' that documents a complete home remodel.

The punchy, two-minute song features a garage rock vibe and the refrain, "Sometimes you gotta tear it down / To make it beautiful." That line makes it a perfect fit for the commercial, which focuses on a couple who take sledgehammers to their house and then find it magically restored and upgraded thanks to Lowe's.

The promo ends with the company's latest tagline, "Never Stop Improving."

The Phantoms didn't start recording together until 2011, when Andrew Simple, following a folky solo release, decided to go back to more of a hard rock sound and put together a band to do just that. They're so new they only have a dozen followers on Twitter, and iTunes mistakes them for a similarly-titled 1960s European rock band.

'Make It Beautiful' appears on their self-titled, six-track EP.

Hear the Phantoms' 'Make it Beautiful' in the Lowe's 'Can't Stand It' Remodeling Commercial