No one can resist the aroma of freshly cut grass. That's the premise of a new Lowe's ad that features the sunny 2009 track 'Good Morning' from unsigned Nashville band the Kicks.

'Good Morning' could not have fit the commercial any better, even if it had been written specifically for the ad. Frontman Jordan Phillips sings, "Good morning, sunshine / Greet the day and the light / It's time to go outside / If you could keep steady / Get up and get ready / It's time to go outside."

In a suburban neighborhood full of picket fences and perfectly landscaped lawns, an unseen resident begins cutting grass, which sends the scent of grass into nearby homes. Sleeping neighbors are magically lifted out of their beds and float outside toward the smell. "Spring is in the air," says a voiceover, as the homeowners begin planting flowers and watering their lawns. The Lowe's Home Improvement logo appears at the end.

'Good Morning' can be heard in its entirety on the band's self-released album, 'The Rise of King Richie.' The Kicks are currently working on a new album and have been updating fans with regular videos from the studio on their website. Though still unsigned, the Kicks are sure to have a few more record executives' eyes on them after this high-profile appearance.

Watch the Kicks' 'Good Morning' in the Lowe's Fresh Cut Grass Commercial