A grill master lives 'The Good Life' in a Lowe's fall 2012 commercial that features a peppy song from L.A. singer Tim Myers.

The clip depicts every grill owner's fantasy, where a huge crowd of friends gathers around as the guy cooks up perfect burgers and steaks at a nighttime backyard barbecue.

Myers' tune 'The Good Life' plays during the first several seconds of the commercial but suddenly cuts off when the ad switches to a shot of the grill master standing alone. We then realize that his barbecue triumph was just a daydream, and as his wife encourages him to start working, a narrator says, "Before you can get to the autumn fun, you've got to get your work done."

'The Good Life' returns in the closing seconds as the voice invites viewers to visit Lowe's for their fall home improvement needs.

Whether Myers is still recording music is unclear, as his MySpace music page hasn't been updated since 2010 and his website domain has expired. Myers is a classically trained pianist who also played bass during the early years of platinum -selling pop act OneRepublic. 'The Good Life' appeared on his 2008 EP of the same name.

Hear Tim Myers' 'The Good Life' in the Lowe's Master the Grill Commercial