It’s time to let the funk loose, and here to help us with that task is New York City’s LTrain. Diffuser is excited to parter with the funk-rock trio to unveil their latest track, ‘The Rent Is Still Too Damn High,’ in the audio player below.

LTrain started their career as buskers on New York's subway system, so they know a thing or too about the city. ‘The Rent Is Still Too Damn High’ is featured on their upcoming album, ‘Can’t Pay Bills,’ a concept album exploring the highs and lows of New York City life.

It shouldn’t be any surprise that this particular song was inspired by Jimmy McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High political party (McMillan ran for Mayor in New York in 2010).

“In 2011, I had lost my job and had to move out of my home in Ridgewood, Queens because I couldn’t afford to pay my part of the rent,” guitarist Gabriel Castellar tells us. “So I thought, why not make a song to cope with my experience. I knew other people in my neighborhood could relate with the struggle of gentrification.”

“I hope fans take this song seriously,” frontwoman Crystalla Gonzalez adds. “I also want people to feel that they are not alone. Sometimes talking about rent or finances can make someone feel uncomfortable -- sometimes you’re looked down upon if you don’t have the fanciest car or apartment.”

And drummer Tristan Green tacks on to the conversation, “Life isn’t easy and rent in New York just keeps going up, which is causing so many people to become homeless in the city.”

The song itself is dynamically arranged. As Castellar puts it, “I wanted an old-school funk build-up, a neo-soul verse and a punk-funk chorus. I thought all those styles resembled nostalgic disco-funk New York City music that I grew up on.”

As the songwriter behind this track, Gonzalez explains, “I really wanted people to understand how it was to live in the city. And vocally, I made sure that there was a constant build-up from sweet and disco like vocals, to raging soul. I always have to save energy t owing that song live. I feel like it’s the most important song in our set.”

Get details on 'Can't Pay Bills,' and LTrain's upcoming live shows, at their brand-new official website here.