For such a "slacker," Mac DeMarco is a pretty busy guy.

In April, he released his fourth album, 'Salad Days,' to wide acclaim, and he has just unveiled his new single, a cover of the Burt Bacharach penned, Herb Alpert sung pop classic, 'This Guy's In Love With You.' The Canadian native has been slowly gaining ground amongst the cool kids far and wide, and this will likely push him even further. Check out the wacky video above.

DeMarco's take on the song is, all in all, a pretty straight forward rendition, save for the slightly disjointed drum machine backing. Like Alpert, DeMarco's strong suit is not necessarily his singing, but he absolutely captures the essence and carries it to the end.

The video is another story, partly aimed at presenting DeMarco's new guitar player, Andy White, to the world. Looking like some odd home movie, we see White wandering the streets of New York, donning a mustache and baseball cap and wearing the standard 'I Love NY' t-shirt -- he also has some pretty fancy American flag pants. White, who DeMarco refers to as "the new guitar messiah" on his Facebook page, recently joined up with DeMarco, replacing Peter Sagar who left the band to focus on his own act, Homeshake.

"Hi. My name is Andy White," he says in the video. "I'm 25 years old, and I've just arrived in New York City to replace Peter Sagar in the Mac DeMcarco Band." He adds, "Although the city has many secrets, I will soon uncover them." He goes on to tell everyone that they are "beautiful geniuses."

Primarily an instrumental artist, Herb Alpert hit the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts in the spring of 1968 with his vocal take on the Bacharach tune. Though not a singer by trade, there was something about his sincere delivery of the song that connected with record buyers, keeping it on top of the charts for four weeks, and giving him the biggest hit of his career. The record was not only Alpert's first number one, but also the first for his label (A&M), and also for the songwriting team of Bacharach and Hal David.

Compare DeMarco's version with the original: