Cozy Seattle duo Mansions bring their signature storytelling ways to the audience with 'Heavy Dungeon Echo.' It's the other half of the Burning House Records/Collective Confusion Records split 7-inch whose A-side, John Nolan's 'C'est Le Fin Dumonde,' we shared yesterday. Mansions' contribution is a swaying saga about an ungrateful, accomplished creative-type, punctuated by the sad hook, "You don't know how good you got it."

'Heavy Dungeon Echo''s sweet spot is definitely when the chorus comes around the second time and Mansions' mastermind Christopher Browder kicks in fuzzed-out electric guitar, a gang-vocal chant and roomy but minimalistic drums.  The wistful and warm atmosphere Browder creates makes you think, "Maybe he's is right. Maybe it ain't so bad."

All you vinyl collectors out there can snag a physical copy of the release here, and if you missed yesterday's post, go back and grab Nolan's tune.

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