Maps & Atlases's new video for 'Remote & Dark Years' shows the intimacy of long-standing friendship, a road trip in a possibly stolen car, and some serious pyromania. Watch it below.

The video, directed by frequent Flaming Lips auteur George Salisbury, is hypnotic in its simplicity. Beginning with a clever bit of editing, black alternates with glimpes of smoke and fire in sync with the opening rhythm, before a guy and a girl are shown walking down an alley in Anycity, U.S.A. They pick a stick out of a dumpster, walk up spiral stairs to a roof. They look around, see a car. With a skyline peering down on them, they smash its window.

You can feel the wind in your hair as our hip protagonists drive out to the countryside in their stolen ride. Watch them smoke cigarettes at a graveyard, walk down a path, see an awesome swimming snake. Soon your young lady lights a bottle rocket -- a sign of the destruction to come (call it foreshadowing, kids!). The video ends with some serious destruction. Watch to find out what gets blown up. We promise it's cathartic.

'Remote & Dark Years' is off of the ampersand-affectionate Chicago band's sophomore album, 'Beware & Be Grateful.' While staying firmly within the indie rock tradition, the band has something unique in their wistful strain of Midwestern meander-rock. They're about to go on tour to support the new record, kicking off  a North American trek on May 11 in Chicago, Ill. Check the dates here.

Watch Maps & Atlases' 'Remote & Dark Years' Video