Matisyahu is known for being a famous Hasidic rapper, but one thing is not right about that title -- he's not Hasidic anymore. He decided to split from Hasidic Judaism late last year, and thus needed to stop wearing his yarmulke and shave his lengthy hair and beard to complete the transformation. For that second part, he made a visit to none other than Supercuts.

"Supercuts was calling my name," he tells Spinner, explaining the situation. "I couldn't turn it down. It was like $9.99 for a shave [and the stylist] didn't know what she was getting into. I was like 'I want it off,' and she's like 'How short?' and I'm like, 'No, all of it.'"

With that, soon 10 years of beard growth was being shaved off -- and he was watching it happen through misty eyes. "At some point, she could see as she was shaving that my eyes were watering up," he adds. "She could see something was going on and I was like '10 years, a decade.' I started growing this beard in 2001. And then she started kind of crying a little bit."

After tweeting pictures of his new look to his million-plus Twitter fans in December 2011, some supported Matisyahu and others abandoned him. He now admits he probably would've been better off announcing his transformation after the release of his new album, 'Spark Seeker,' but he still hopes for the best. "It'd be a shame if people write off the music without giving it a chance," he says, "but you know the way life works."