Fans of Matt and Kim will have to wait a bit longer until they get a chance to hear 'Lightning,' the new album from the joycore duo, in its entirety. But in the meantime, the DIY Brooklynites are teasing their latest album of sugar-coated piano-punk with 'Let's Go,' the debut single off of their upcoming fall release.

The track is just about what you've come to expect from the band: buckets of splash cymbals accentuating Matt Johnson's super-sincere, male cheerleading vocals and an earwig of a hook keeping it all afloat.

Matt and Kim have kept their penchant for long, single-take videos intact with this release, too. The two watch from the bleachers of a basketball gym as streetball legend and the self-proclaimed "World's Greatest Ballhandler" Pat the Roc puts on a demo in front of the camera.

The single is the band's first since 'I'm A Goner,' which unexpectedly lined up the duo with swag rapper Soulja Boy and motivational speaker, fellow piano-rocker, and 'My Little Pony' enthusiast Andrew W.K.

Watch the Matt and Kim's 'Let's Go' Video