Pop aficionado Matt Patterson is shaking up the underground while industry worker-ants and executives scramble to figure out which box they can put him in. His squeaky-clean image is that of early-'00s boy bands, and his music is carefully juxtaposed pop, hip-hop and EDM. But even as Patterson croons sweetly over a transparently feminine beat, you can catch him playing ball and sporting camo with crew in tow in the video for 'Let Em Talk'.

The Queens native clearly can't be bothered by labels -- not the kind you use to categorize your iTunes, and certainly not the kind that other emerging artists like himself are harassing to book a meeting with A&R -- and it might just be that elusive quality that launches Matt into the limelight over these next few months, as he supports the 'Back In Business' mixtape.

"Whoa' is more of a fun track," Matt told Diffuser. "Kinda just being in touch with what girls seem to be interested in these days."

"Money," he whispers. "And playing on the fact that -- that's not me. I had a lotta fun writing that record."

Speaking of 'Back In Business' on the whole, he describes the mixtape as "really my coming out party. It shows people that I belong in this music game. I can write quality songs, sing them and package them. I'm not going anywhere."

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