After their show at Chicago's Lincoln Hall on Saturday (May 9) -- which they claim was one of the best of their current tour -- Pennsylvania indie pop rocker Matt Pond and his band were robbed and stripped of everything valuable from their tour bus. The damages totaled about $12,000 and now the band is asking fans for help to bounce back from this tragic incident.

The assailant not only took their money, but members' passports and computers as well. "Now, I've staggered a good deal in this life. But this time is especially heavy because I truly care about these people," Pond wrote in a Facebook post. "Because we also lost words, pictures, music and privacy that mean more than anything that comes with a price tag."

We've been blindsided, robbed in Chicago after one of the best shows of the tour. The worst of the worst made off with...

Posted by matt pond PA on Tuesday, May 12, 2015


The band has setup a Gofundme account where fans can donate (they've already raised nearly $4,000). They're also asking for help in the form of general support, like buying a ticket to see them at one of their upcoming shows in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Philly and New York, or pre-ordering their upcoming album, Several Arrows Later. They also shared a link to remind you that you can purchase some of their past albums if you want.