In the A Take Away Show series hosted by French website La Blogothèque, musicians will often lay down a cover of another artist's song that's close to home for them -- in a public space in Paris. In their most latest edition, singer-songwriter Matthew E. White visits a run-down building, complete with graffiti and dark, desolate halls, to cover Randy Newman's classic track "Sail Away." You can check it out below.

The groovy, psychedelic cover sounds like something the Doors would have laid down, and considering Jim Morrison spent some of his final days in France, it seems fitting. The original song was written by Newman in 1972 and White reinterprets the track with ease while walking around the place, accompanied by only a few people drumming on whatever they have. The building itself is the site of Les Bains, an abandoned Paris nightclub that’s nearly beyond repair at this point.

White's sophomore album Fresh Blood is due out on March 9 via Domino Records. You can check out one of the new album's songs titled "Rock & Roll Is Cold," as well as get details on his upcoming tour, right here.

Matthew E. White Covers Randy Newman's "Sail Away"