Brooklyn-based blues rocker Meghann Wright is gearing up for the release of her debut full-length, Nothing Left to Lose, later this summer. Ahead of that fateful day, Diffuser is excited to partner with Wright to give fans a preview of the disc in the form of the brand new single, “Vacancy” -- check it out and turn it up in the audio player below.

It’s easy to instantly recognize Wright’s blues influences, but there’s no denying she pulls inspiration from a wide range of genres. “Vacancy” highlights her immense talent to pull together several different sounds to create one cohesive and outrageously catchy tune.

And she doesn’t only concern herself with music; Wright is also the founder of The City & The Heart, one of New York’s top advocacy organizations supporting independent female artists.

“From the outside, the song is about how we close ourselves off after we experience trauma and yet somehow always find ways to open again, whether we want to or not,” Wright tells us about "Vacancy." “Personally, it’s about a painful and toxic relationship.”

Nothing Left to Lose is slated to hit the streets this July; you can stay up-to-date with everything happening in Wright's world – including her current tour with Lionize and the Delta Saints along with her upcoming Warped Tour performances – at her official website.