Originally from Toronto, Ménage have expertly crafted a powerfully inspiring sound weaved in and out of intense rock-pop arrangements. Fans will get a taste of this unique brand of rock and roll tomorrow (Oct. 14) when they release their four-track EP, aptly titled ‘EP.’ Diffuser is excited to partner with Ménage to debut ‘EP’ a day early -- stream it below.

Comprised of the three Ferreira siblings, Ménage formed in Los Angeles after Bela, Basilio Fernando and Gabriel decided it was time to start writing music together. ‘EP’ is the first of four EPs they plan to release this year.

"The series is a play-by-play of our ongoing journey as Ménage," the band tells us. "These songs describe some of the challenges, adventures, hopes, heartbreaks and successes we have lived through since our self-titled debut album."

In addition to the three siblings, Ménage are rounded out by Elliott Boult and Dave Haskett. "Ménage is not just a band made up of five very diverse personalities. Ménage is a way of life. Our songs are nonfiction. They stem from what we have and continue to live through," they explain. "We want to continue to share these experiences with the masses and show our fans that although we may not all do the same thing with our time, at the core of it all, we all experience the same emotions."

It's more than just music to the bandmates: "We are all in this together. We are Ménage ... And so are you."

Ménage have three shows scheduled in the coming weeks, including two appearances at this year’s CMJ Music Festival in New York City and a stop by Indie Week Canada in Toronto. Get their complete tour itinerary here.

Ménage - 'Promises' Official Music Video