Family life is heavy stuff. That's evidenced in the tasteful cacophony of 'Heavy is as Heavy Does,' the newest track from Menomena.

In a domestic confessional suiting to a Jonathan Franzen novel, multi-instumentalists and shared vocalists Justin Harris, Danny Seim and Joe Haege offer up a sobering selection of somber song craft. The single is the first from the Portland band's forthcoming fifth studio album, 'Moms,' out on Sept. 18 from Barsuk.

It all begins quietly, the band spilling melancholies of "Heavy are the branches hanging from my f---ed up family tree / Heavy was my father, a stoic man of pride and privacy" and "A world of six billion people / I want the ones that don't want me." Those wan musings creep along with a lonely piano riff  before being joined by a whispering synth, plus lamentations of  "looking like an a--hole anyway" and not being able to ditch the imagery of religion -- all building up to a cathartic instrumental swirl two and a half minutes in.

Whether the battle is won or lost, the distortion fades out, leaving the piano lifeline to walk alone. Discordant families, a wandering search for love, a general dejected sadness: Menomena captures the anomie of 2012.

We told you it would be heavy.

Listen to Menomena, 'Heavy Is as Heavy Does'